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  • 4.6


  • Lin

    Very good! My mom loves it! Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Did not work for me

    Had such hopes for this but after six months I'm giving up. Not only was there no new growth I lost more hair. Have to find something else Posted on

    • 1.0


  • Prepare yourself for some serious hair envy!!

    Trichotherapy is in my opinion, is the only product you need to maintain a healthy crown and scalp. The "crown" the front and top part of your hair sets the look for any over all style for your hair. If it looks thin, dry and dull... Why waste your time even styling your hair?! The spray protects my wet hair from breaking when it's most prone to breakage, and it makes my colored blond hair look like spun gold. The supplement makes for the perfect trifecta in maintaining a full healthy head of hair. It's well worth every penny. I've tried more than I can even count :scalp treatments" non can compare to Trichotherapy. I get so many compliments on my hair which is rare on color treated blond hair, given how hard it is to keep it looking Ike hay. But with the Trichotherapy regimen I give natural baby blondes a run for their bottle! ;) Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Instant Results

    I started using this regime about six weeks ago. Instantly there was no hair floating down the plug hole. My hair brush and comb were no longer full of hair. When I put my hair up there are no more wide, bald looking partings.

    I use the products every day but I don't shampoo my hair every day. They still work in between shampoos. I just use my styler to quickly dry the applications in. Hair is thicker, bouncier, shining, smooth. I do use Elasticizer, Kingsley shampoo and conditioner pre-treatment. I have used these for years and can't live without them!

    The cost of these products is worth every penny to banish the upset I was feeling watching my hair float away. I colour my hair using a product that doesn't contain ammonia.

    It is obvious the hair breaking has stopped as there's no frizzy bits sticking out. When I section my hair to blow dry it I can see and feel the improved thickness. This is just six weeks in. It can only get better.

    An added bonus is my nails are stronger due to the food supplement. Thank you for this wonderful hair treatment. I have my confidence back. Posted on

    • 5.0


  • Thank you so much I feel so happy to have found these products

    I was feeling very depressed with my hair in June with my 70th birthday, it is fine and thin and I felt that my scalp was always showing through and it was only okay for an hour or so after blow drying. I invested in the Trichotherapy course without much hope it would make any difference and immediately I found it had more volume and body and bounce and was looking better and I was much happier with my hair, Now four months on, I have compliments about how good it is looking and I feel I can manage it and have confidence in how it looks. I am also grateful for Weatherproof styling foam and Weatherproof hair spray which I am using on damp days, your Maximiser on others. So thank you I now feel 70 years young and I do think the vitamins have made the colour brighter - the only thing I used to say about my hair was at least it wasn't grey! now I am just relaxed about it and confident I can manage it. Posted on

    • 5.0