Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment

Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment


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  • 4.9


  • so good! By Em

    Have just treated my hair. it feels so soft ! it is a must have!!!! Posted on 2014-10-01

    • 4.0


  • The BEST for my dyed / mid length / straight hair By Katie

    Use it once - it will blow your mind. It truly brings damaged hair back to life. I bought it then forgot about it as it was in a box when I moved...a few weeks ago I was cleaning and SURPRISE - there it is. I leave it on overnight or for 1/2-1 hour prior to a shower...it makes your hair soft, shiny, vibrant, bouncy, stronger...this is EVERYTHING Posted on 2014-08-30

    • 5.0


  • simply brilliant By suzanne

    My hair used to be straight and silky, then I became ill and my hair lost all its luster. I was at my wits end untill I found this wonder product, it not back to its old self yet but its getting there. Posted on 2014-05-30

    • 5.0


  • Miracle product By Moira Harrison

    After one application my hair turned from straw to silk. Amazing ! Posted on 2014-03-24

    • 5.0


  • Cant live without it By Julia

    Have been using this for a year together with my scalp treatment and it has transformed my hair completely! You see results already from the first application! Magical! Posted on 2014-02-03

    • 5.0