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Elasticizer Hair Mask - #1 Home Hair Treatment | Philip Kingsley

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For over 40 years Philip Kingsley has been changing the lives of thousands of happy customers and ensuring they have a ‘good hair day’

Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment

Real Results from Happy Heads

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Why is Elasticizer so different from other hair masks?

It won’t weigh down your hair

As a pre-shampoo treatment, your hair is able to absorb what Elastin it needs to add strength, while the residue is then washed away during the shampoo. This leaves your hair with a light and beautiful bounce.

Emulsified oils help penetrate the hair deeper

When using ‘neat’ oil directly on hair, it can create a barrier that will prevent active ingredients from being absorbed. Our emulsified oil blend of castor and olive allows Elasticizer to provide the benefits of oil, such as incredible shine and moisture, while also allowing our active ingredients to penetrate and strengthen the hair.

Developed by leading Trichologists

This unique formula is still used as part of the hair treatments received by every Client who visits our award-winning Clinics in London and New York.

The more you use it,
the better the results

How to use

Before applying, dampen the hair

Apply Elasticizer liberally, in sections, to the mid-lengths and ends

Cover with a shower cap or towel

Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes or overnight

Wash hair as normal. Shampoo twice to ensure any residue is fully rinsed off

Style as required. Hair will be left full of bounce and shine

Very damaged or coarse hair? Try Elasticizer Extreme!

Philip Kingsley’s Superhero Ingredient

Elastin is a flexible protein naturally found in the building blocks of the hair.

It is what gives hair an elastic effect to help strands stretch without breaking when under tension, creating stronger hair and reducing breakage.

Heat, processing and environmental factors can all put a strain on the hair and lead to these protein fibres becoming damaged.

Elasticizer uses a hydrolysed Elastin that helps it penetrate deep into the hair cortex, leaving hair smooth, strong, flexible and healthy looking.

Caring for your hair, and the planet

Sugarcane Bio-Plastic

100% Recyclable

CO2 Negative


Hair Mask

Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture into the hair's cortext to help reduce breakage and restore the hair's strength and stretchability, leading to less split ends and snapping. Designed as an at-home hair treatment to target numerous issues including dry and brittle hair, frizzy and flyaway hair, damaged and dull hair - this is the miracle deep conditioning hair repair product you've been searching for.