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Anabel Kingsley BA(HONS) AIT

Consultant Trichologist & Brand President

Anabel Kingsley is a Consultant Trichologist, as well as Brand President of the Philip Kingsley Clinics and the Philip Kingsley product ranges. Anabel grew up among Trichologists. Her passion for hair and scalp health was inspired from a young age by her father, Philip Kingsley. 

Anabel has written thousands of articles about hair and scalp health for international magazines, newspapers and websites, ranging from Harpers Bazaar to Huffington Post. She has presented for Philip Kingsley on-air at QVC, and has spoken at industry events for Cult Beauty and SheerLuxe. She has also lent her expertise to the leading cancer charity Look Good Feel better, contributing to their Guide to Managing Hair Loss during and after cancer treatment.

Anabel graduated from Kent University with a First Class Degree in History, specialising in the History of Medicine. She started her career at Philip Kingsley in 2006, managing the Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre in New York. In 2009 she returned to London to become part of the Philip Kingsley Marketing and New Product Development Team. 

Anabel qualified as a Trichologist in 2013. She is an Associate Member of The Institute of Trichologists, graduating with a Distinction, as well as receiving ‘The Award of Excellence’. She has a great interest in and knowledge of the hair and scalp, with a particular focus on nutrition. 


Senior Consultant Trichologist

Glenn Lyons is the Clinical Director of the Philip Kingsley London Trichological Clinic. He qualified at the Institute of Trichologists in 1968 and has been a Consultant at Philip Kingsley ever since. 

In 2004, Glenn was awarded a prestigious Fellowship of the Institute of Trichologists. He also served as a Governor of the Institute for 10 years. Glenn has published many clinical research papers in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, with a specialty in hormone-related female hair loss. He is recognised nationally and internationally on this subject.

Glenn is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health. In 2018, Glenn received the Outstanding Contribution to Trichology award at the Hair Science Awards. He is also a member of the Academy of Expert Witnesses.

Glenn is regularly invited to lecture on hair loss and scalp conditions, and has appeared as a guest on numerous television and radio programs. He is also very proud to be associated with cancer charities, and is a Trichological Consultant to both Macmillan Cancer Support, and the Toni & Guy Strength & Style Cancer Support Scheme. 

His enthusiasm and passion are as strong as ever, and he feels very fortunate to work with such wonderful colleagues and staff. 


Consultant Trichologist

Jane Martins has been working with the Philip Kingsley brand for over 20 years. She qualified as a Trichologist in 2009, and in 2012 became a Member of the Institute of Trichologists. Jane has a large and loyal client following, thanks to her thorough knowledge of hair and scalp conditions, as well as her empathetic and approachable manner.

Jane regularly consults to magazines and newspapers for articles on hair and scalp care. She has worked to develop Philip Kingsley’s award-winning retail product range, as well as our expert clinical range.

Jane takes a keen interest in developments across the hair care industry. She regularly attends lectures and seminars to keep up to date with scientific advances, and to further her knowledge. In 2014, Jane became a Member of the European Hair Research Society. She has a particular interest in Trichoscopy, and the role that this technology can play in diagnosing hair and scalp conditions. Jane has recently attended several seminars on Trichoscopy, including the 2019 World Congress for Hair Research in Barcelona, the 2018 European Hair Research Society Meeting in Bologna, and the 2015 World Congress for Hair Research in Miami.


Consultant Trichologist

Zoë Passam has worked at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic since 2004. She qualified at the Institute of Trichologists in 2008, passing both sets of exams with Distinction. She was awarded the John Firmage Certificate of Distinction in her first year, and upon graduating, she received the John Mason Memorial Award for Excellence, which is only awarded when there is a student of high enough calibre.

Zoë is frequently invited to lecture at major dermatology and Trichology conferences, on all matters relating to the hair and scalp. Some of the places Zoe has presented at recently include: FACE Conference in London; the inaugural National Trichology Conference in London; the first International Trichology Congress in Manchester; the University of Nottingham.

Zoë constantly strives to further her knowledge, and is currently studying part time towards a BSc in Health Sciences at the Open University. As well as carrying out Consultations, Zoë is part of the Product Development team at the Philip Kingsley Clinic, and also works as an expert witness.

Lisa Caddy MIT MRSPH

Consultant Trichologist, Brand Ambassador & Education Manager

Lisa Caddy joined Philip Kingsley in 2004, starting her career in the Sales team, and developing through hard work and immense passion to become a qualified Trichologist. She is the Philip Kingsley Brand Ambassador, making regular TV appearances as a presenter on the QVC shopping channel. She is also the Philip Kingsley Education Manager, travelling globally to train our international partners.

Lisa is passionate about Trichology. After two years of intensive study at the Institute of Trichologists, she was awarded with a Credit by the Board of Directors for her outstanding work. Lisa then studied for a further two years to obtain her Membership of the Institute of Trichologists. She is also a Member of the Royal Society of Public Health.

Lisa remains at the forefront of hair and scalp developments, regularly attending Continual Professional Development seminars on hair transplants, skin cancers and cicatricial alopecias. Having previously experienced hair loss herself, and having obtained a Certificate in Life Coaching, Lisa understands the deep psychological impact that hair problems can have on clients.

Ellie Coldham MIT FRSPH

Consultant Trichologist

Ellie Coldham originally joined Philip Kingsley in 2009 as a Trichotherapist, carrying out daily hair and scalp Treatments and prescribing bespoke regimes for clients in the Philip Kingsley Clinic.

Mentored by senior Clinic team members, Ellie developed a keen interest in Trichology, and gained her qualification with the Institute of Trichologists.

Ellie is knowledgeable across all areas of hair and scalp and has a gentle and empathetic manner. Her particular area of interest is the importance of nutrition on hair and scalp health. 

Natalie Carr MIT FRSPH

Consultant Trichologist

Natalie Carr initially trained in hairdressing and beauty, and went on to teach students in these areas for several years. In 1996 she joined Philip Kingsley as a Trichologist.

Natalie came to Trichology through a family history of hair loss. In 1990, when her mother developed alopecia totalis, Natalie became more aware of the physical and emotional impact of hair loss. She qualified as an Associate Member of the Institute of Trichologists in 1996, and achieved full Membership in 2000. Natalie is also a Member of the European Hair Research Society, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, and the Royal Society of Public Health.

Natalie sees clients with a wide range of hair and scalp issues. She provides a holistic and individualised approach, to help achieve optimum hair growth and condition, as well as excellent scalp health. Her particular clinical interests and expertise are in the following areas:

Alopecia Areata & Androgen Dependent Alopecia
Psoriasis, Scarring hair loss & Seborrehic Eczema 
Hair Nutrition, including Omega 3 levels in inflammatory skin conditions and Serum ferritin levels in Telogen effluvium

Susie Hammond AIT

Consultant Trichologist

Susie Hammond joined the Philip Kingsley Clinic in 2014, working directly with our founder, Philip Kingsley. Inspired by his immense passion for all things Trichological, Susie went on to study at the Institute of Trichology, graduating with Distinction and winning the prestigious John Firmage Award.

Susie is passionate about attending seminars and conferences on the latest research into hair and scalp conditions, with a special interest in scarring alopecia. She keeps up to date with promising developments in treatment options. Susie’s empathetic and reassuring manner is much appreciated by patients who are experiencing hair loss.

Ross Clubb MIT FRSPH

Consultant Trichologist

Ross Clubb first trained as a Trichotherapist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in 1993, performing bespoke hair and scalp Treatments for clients. After qualifying as a hairdresser in 2001, he opened an independent salon inside the Clinic, with a specialty in advising clients on the best cut, colour and styling techniques for fine and thin hair.

Ross’s experience of seeing clients treated successfully at the Philip Kingsley Clinic inspired him to train as a Trichologist. He qualified in 2012, and has been a Consultant in our London Clinic ever since.

Ross has excellent knowledge of hair from an aesthetic point of view, as well as a Trichological one. He takes a reassuring and practical approach, being well aware of the psychological impact of hair conditions. Ross has a special interest in advising clients on the best styling products for their hair type and condition, as well as the suitability of colour treatments and other chemical processing.

Carol Gillam

Clinic Manager

Carol Gillam joined the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in 2010. She manages all Clinic staff and oversees day-to-day operations.

Carol was closely involved in the five-year Clinic refurbishment project, which finished in 2019. Over this period, she ensured that clients continued to receive the highest standard of service, comfort and privacy.

Carol understands the emotional aspects of hair conditions and hair loss. She ensures that each client’s personalised journey is smooth and supportive in every way. Carol places great emphasis on confidentiality. She strives to offer all clients the exceptional care and support for which Philip Kingsley is renowned.

Paul Franklin

Clinic Laboratory Technician

Paul Franklin joined Philip Kingsley in 2005 as the Clinic Laboratory Technician. He was personally mentored by our founder Philip Kingsley, and is responsible for the manufacture and development of all of our bespoke Clinic products.

Paul is currently based at Philip Kingsley’s new state-of-the-art lab in Peckham. He enjoys listening to classical music while he makes each one of our products with his trademark expertise and care.