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  1. Smooth & Shiny Jet Set

    Smooth & Shiny
    Jet Set Travel Kit

    Leaves hair smooth, bouncy and shiny.
    In stock
  2. 1000ml bottle of Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer. A money-saving option for the best deep conditioning treatment for your hair at home.

    Elasticizer Therapies
    Carabao Mango & Hibiscus

    Adds elasticity and bounce to fine, medium and coarse hair
    In stock
    £22.50 - £101.00
  3. Re-Moisturizing Conditioner

    Elasticizer Booster
    Restoring Conditioner 150ml

    Nourishes and protects damaged hair
    In stock
    100% of 100
  4. Flaky/Itchy Regime Kit

    8-Day Intensive Regime Kit

    Intensive regime to help soothe and relieve flaky/itchy scalps.
    In stock
    92% of 100
  5. The Recipe for Condition & Strength
    96% of 100
    Regular Price £23.00 Special Price £8.50 (Save 63%)
  6. The Recipe for Body & Volume
    92% of 100
    Regular Price £76.50 Special Price £38.25 (Save 50%)
  7. The Recipe for Hydration & Shine
    98% of 100
    Regular Price £76.50 Special Price £38.25 (Save 50%)
  8. Body Building Discovery Collection

    Body Building
    Discovery Collection

    For weightless, touchable hair that reaches new heights.
    In stock
    94% of 100
    Regular Price £40.00 Special Price £25.00 (Save 37%)
  9. Pure Colour Anti-Fade Duo

    Pure Colour
    Anti-Fade Duo

    Deeply nourishes colour treated and chemically processed hair
    In stock
    Regular Price £51.00 Special Price £45.00 (Save 11%)
  10. Re-Moisturizing Conditioner

    Carabao Mango & Hibiscus
    Moisture Balancing Conditioner 500ml

    Rebalances medium hair, and longer processed fine hair
    In stock
    96% of 100
  11. Pure Blonde Booster Duo

    Pure Blonde
    Booster Duo

    Clarifies and nourishes brassy blonde hair
    In stock
    Regular Price £52.00 Special Price £45.00 (Save 13%)
  12. Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Duo

    Pure Blonde/Silver
    Brightening Duo

    Refreshes Dull, Brassy Blonde and Grey Hair
    In stock
    86% of 100
    Regular Price £41.00 Special Price £36.00 (Save 12%)

Shop the award-winning Philip Kingsley hair care range. Developed with over 60 years of hair and scalp expertise, each product is informed by a thorough understanding of Trichology - the scientific study of the hair and scalp - and is designed to cater to the specific texture, length and level of your hair.