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Straight hair 20ml


Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment

Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment


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  • 4.9


  • Miracle worker By Maggie

    Bought this on QVC and WOW my frizzy mad hair is now looking smooth and sleek and has never felt better.This is a must have product for frizzy hair Posted on 2015-06-19

    • 5.0



    I would urge anybody with coloured or damaged hair to use ELASTICIZER PRE SHAMPOO TREATMENT.
    Perseverance is the key!!!
    I didn't notice a difference after the first couple of uses but twice a week for a month and I was hooked!!
    It's my hair product for life!!
    As long as they continue to make it, I will buy it!!! " Posted on 2015-06-12

    • 5.0


  • Hair has stopped snapping after 3 uses By Jill Moodie

    I bought this product after great experience with Itchy Flaky Scalp Shampoo, Scalp Toner and Exfoliating Mask. Free sample of this product received. Hair is very poor at moment due to scalp psoriasis and use of harsh medication prescribed by GP. Loved it so much that I purchased it in M & S as they had special edition box contain in 250ml and hair wrap. Only used 3 times but fabulous results. Hair healthier looking and no longer snapping when I comb. Noticed better value on PK website so will purchase here from now on. Posted on 2015-06-04

    • 5.0


  • Great so far! By Daisy

    So I was advised to use this at the salon in Harvey Nics to help my damaged hair before I have it coloured again in a couple of months, and so I started using the Elasticizer once a week for last month. There is no doubt that after I've washed my hair having used this pre shampoo treatment my hair feels fantastic! It's softer, my colour seems brighter and more vibrant, the ends appear healthier and it makes the dry hair in my fringe area (due to a shoddy previous colour job) feel a lot better and somewhat healthier. My only issue is that I try not to wash my hair too regularly, and therefore aim to wash it every 5 days or so, however by the 3rd day the magic of this product seems to fade and my hairs goes back to it's not-so-nice state. However my hair, thanks to this product, is definitely on the road to recovery and if you suffer from over processed and coloured hair, the Elasticizer is a miracle worker, but be warned that if you try not to wash your hair too regularly like myself, your hair may not stay in the gorgeous state it was in for the first couple of days for the whole duration of the period you leave between hair washes. Posted on 2015-06-03

    • 5.0


  • Life Saver By Daniela

    My hair has not been doing very well lately so I took the risk and splurged on this stuff after reading about it online. It is a miracle worker and I can see myself using this product well after my hair gets back to how I want it to be. Posted on 2015-03-22

    • 5.0