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Chemical Processing and Hair Loss

Q. Can Colouring, Straightening or Perming Make My Hair Fall Out?


A. The Short Answer: No, normal hair colouring and chemical processing will not make your hair fall out. In fact, processes such as bleaching may plump the hair shaft, making your hair appear thicker. However, we strongly advise you to take special care of your hair if you process it with heat, dyes or chemicals! All of these can cause substantial hair breakage if your hair becomes dry and brittle — and this can give the appearance of reduced volume over time.


A. The Longer Answer: The only form of actual hair loss associated with chemical processing is called traumatic or cosmetic scarring alopecia, and it is rare. Scarring alopecia can occur if you burn your scalp during heat styling, bleaching or using straightening agents. Chemical reactions can scar your scalp, sometimes permanently destroying your follicles. Luckily, this type of scarring alopecia is uncommon. The best way to help guard against chemical burns is to choose an experienced stylist, and to make it known quickly if you ever experience discomfort. (Please note, to avoid allergic reactions to dyes, we advise you to conduct a patch test.)


If you are worried about any form of hair loss, our Clinics in London and New York specialise in all aspects of hair and scalp health, and will be pleased to welcome you.