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Elasticizer Extreme Rich Deep-Conditioning Treatment

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Elasticizer Extreme Rich Deep-Conditioning Treatment

    Adds elasticity and bounce to natural tightly coiled curls and very porous hair
    Hair Texture
    Coarse, Naturally Coiled Curls
    All of the hair repair & moisturising benefits of Elasticizer, in a super-charged hair mask formula for dry, damaged, porous and curly hair.

    Elasticizer Extreme contains all the deep conditioning ingredients of Philip Kingsley’s cult product Elasticizer, but in higher doses to nourish very dry, fragile and thirsty hair.

    Our pre shampoo conditioning treatment is heralded as the best hair treatment for damaged, dry & curly hair. It provides instant hydration and nourishment, leaving your hair full of elasticity, bounce and reflective shine.

    Our secret formula is super conditioning and moisturizing for all variations of African-Caribbean hair and is also suited to care for damaged & curly hair. The perfect treatment for curly hair at home.

    Simply use the pre shampoo treatment once a week, massaging the product into your hair and leaving for 10-20 minutes - or even overnight! After use, rinse through with the appropriate Philip Kingsley Shampoo and Conditioner.

    Key Ingredients of Elasticizer Extreme
    Our deep conditioning hair treatment contains:

    • Hydrolyzed Elastin, to add strength, body and elasticity to your hair.
    • Castor Oil and Olive Oil helps to lock in moisture and boost shine.
    • Whilst Glycerin to helps hair to retain essential moisture, as well as adding elasticity to your hair.

    Want to learn more? Here's what our customers have to say:

    • 'A blissful experience for stressed out hair.'
    • 'Amazing my hair felt so much better the condition and the flexibility and the frizz was gone'
    • 'Totally amazing completely changed my hair from dry and extremely damaged to lovely locks'

    Discover the Best Way to use Elasticizer Extreme Rich Deep-Conditioning Treatment