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Body Building Weightless Shampoo & Body Building Weightless Conditioner Duo

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Body Building Weightless Shampoo & Body Building Weightless Conditioner Duo


    Volumises and lifts fine, flat, flyaway hair

    Our Trichologists created Body Building Weightless Shampoo to give you movie-star volume, bounce and shine to even the finest hair textures – leaving your hair looking fuller and thicker all day long. Pairs perfectly with Body Building Weightless Conditioner for shorter length hair.

    This duo contains Body Building Weightless Shampoo & Body Building Weightless Conditioner, the perfect combination for short or shoulder-length fine hair.

    Our Body Building Weightless Shampoo, designed for men and women, is full of volumising ingredients, each carefully selected to give you the best body and bounce. Copolymers control flyaways and static; Natural Cellulose plumps and thickens the texture of fine strands; and Keratin Proteins help strengthen your hair and improve its overall fullness. Body Building Weightless Shampoo adds volume and bounce from root to tip. It also aids styling and blow-drying by making fine hair easier to control.

    Our ultra-lightweight conditioner adds moisture without heaviness
    Delivers volume, smoothness, bounce and shine. Ideal for fine hair or short hair with little or no processing. Our formula’s vegan-friendly ingredients include: Wheat Protein to help strengthen and plump hair strands, Behentrimonium Chloride to help smooth cuticles, add gloss and detangle; Silicone to add shine and reduce static.