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Summer Hair Care

Written by Philip Kingsley Trichologist, Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips.


Some prudent yet practical advice to help your hair and scalp survive summer!

Sun, salt water, and chlorine are in many ways the perfect formula for fun - think beach, infinity pool and soaking up the sun, all while improving your Vitamin D numbers! A noble cause I might add. But have you thought about how these elements can wreak havoc on the hair and scalp? Read below to ensure your hair makes it to the end of summer looking healthy and happy.

Protect your scalp

Think of your scalp the same way you think of your face and skin. Sun protection that extends to and includes hair and scalp is a must irrespective of age. For anyone with reduced density changes on their scalp, i.e. temple areas and part line, this is even more important. Hair acts as a barrier to the sun and protects the scalp but if you have noticed any widening of the part line then sunscreen application is a must. A simple yet effective method worth considering for scalp protection is to saturate a Q-tip with a broad spectrum sunscreen and apply it directly to the part line. Reapply if the garden party lasts longer that a couple of hours! This allows for protection of the scalp but will not cause the hair to behave lifeless and be greasy looking at the roots.

Defend your Hair

There is no need to cut your hair three inches in September if you invest in protecting it now. Think about protection pre-exposure, rather than damage control after and this will help to create the optimal environment for happy and healthy hair all year round. At Philip Kingsley we advocate for healthy beach and summer hair (no that is not an oxymoron, both are achievable) by suggesting that a barrier is used on the hair for fun summer exposure. We discussed the idea of scalp protection; whether it’s a run to the market, an afternoon outdoor wedding or a day at the beach. Hair deserves the same attention. The color will look better and last longer and highlights are much less likely to over oxidize and get brassy.


A pre sun swim product on your tresses will leave hair protected and mitigate the rigors of the summer elements. Use a product to guard against discoloration and damage caused by the elements of summer. We make one called Swimcap, which was specially created by Philip Kingsley for the USA Synchronized Swim Team, and was such a success it fast became a hero product of the Philip Kingsley line. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of less heat styling and embrace the more casual atmosphere of summer hair.


A weekly treatment with a Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask & Elasticizer will also lay the perfect foundation for year-long healthy hair. As well as this, you can use Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence as the perfect detangler and heat protector after shampooing and conditioning. Remember to carefully choose your shampoo based on hair type.

Nourish Your Body

We are huge advocates of healthy balanced nutrition year round, so take advantage of the abundance of fresh produce at the farmers market. Summer is the perfect time to increase fresh fruit and vegetable intake. Light the grill and add protein for the perfect balance that will help to ensure that you are growing your optimal head of hair!