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Hair Spa Treatment


Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic


Why choose Philip Kingsley Hair Spa Treatment?

To repair damage
To restore moisture
To cleanse a flaky scalp and/or soothe a sensitive scalp
To get more bounce and shine
To treat yourself to some ‘me’ time
Philip Kingsley Clinic, London

Our Hair Spa Treatments are ideal if you want to address any of the above hair and scalp concerns – as well as if you simply wish to give your hair (and yourself) some TLC. Relaxing, uplifting and invigorating, a Treatment with a Trichotherapist will leave your hair intensively conditioned, lustrous and full of new-found body. It will also refresh and stimulate your scalp.

Step 1 - Assess

Each Philip Kingsley Spa Treatment is carried out by one of our experienced Trichotherapists. Your Trichotherapist will assess your hair and scalp, and talk through your goals and concerns, in order to create a personalised Treatment. You will learn about how to manage your specific hair texture; how to choose the best products for the results you want.


Step 2 - Treat

Creams for your scalp and hair

Your Trichotherapist will apply a specifically selected Scalp Mask, followed by our award-winning Elasticizer, which will boost moisture, elasticity and shine.


You will be placed under steam for 15 minutes to maximise the absorption of these products. While the pleasant heat helps ease your muscle tension, and encourages your hair to gain glossy, you can catch up on magazines and enjoy a tea or coffee.

Scalp Massage

Following a stimulating scalp massage, your Trichotherapist will shampoo and condition your hair with products specially selected for your hair texture and scalp concerns. They will then apply styling products suited to your hair for the desired finish.

Blow Drying

You will be given guidance on blow drying your hair for minimal damage and maximum health. Finally, marvel at your hair’s shine, manageability and softness.

Step 3 - Aftercare

Congratulations! You have taken the first step on your journey to healthy, beautiful hair. Your Trichotherapist will give you an detailed at-home care plan, as well as advice on washing, styling, and protecting your hair and scalp from daily damage.

Our Spa Treatments can provide the ideal forum to start a conversation about hair and scalp concerns. If you or a loved one is considering seeing a Trichologist, learn more about our Consultations here.

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