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Drying Your Hair

Towel Drying

Press your hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Do not rub it — this can roughen your cuticles, and also break and tangle your strands. Follow by gently removing tangles with a wide-toothed comb, starting at the ends and working up to your roots.

Blow Drying

Correct blow drying will not harm your hair. However, applying heat to your hair when it is already dry can cause brittleness, breakage, dullness and dryness. The secret to safe blow drying is good timing and the proper use of tools and products. Follow these simple steps to dry your hair quickly and safely, while getting beautiful results.

  • If you use a paddle and/or round brush for styling, choose ones made of soft, pliable plastic and use them gently. Harshly tugging and brushing can cause damage.
  • Hold your dryer about 6 inches away from your hair. Dry the back and sides of your head first, and work towards the crown and front.
  • Start on a high speed and high temperature and, as your hair begins to dry, gradually reduce the heat. This will help you avoid over-drying and damaging your hair. Ideally, it is best for your hair if you leave it slightly damp, or ‘just dry’.
  • If you want the heat to be spread over a wider area, use a diffuser attachment. The wider the attachment, the more the heat will be distributed. However, if you wish to dry your hair quickly, do not use an attachment.
  • To add volume and body, try turning your hair upside down as you finish blow drying. Bend over and let your hair hang down towards the floor. Gently brush or comb it in this direction with the dryer following behind. This will give your hair more lift and bounce, and decreases the likelihood of tangles.