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Vitamin C 101

Hailed a skin saviour for its brightening and protective properties, it’s little wonder Vitamin C is lauded a wonder ingredient. No longer just for keeping winter colds at bay, this powerful antioxidant fights free radicals, deeply detoxifies and is known to help with the visible signs of ageing.

It has long been a vital component of our skin care routines and diets — thanks to its ability to boost the immune system, and assist in the growth and repair of skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage. But now there’s a buzz about the beautifying benefits of Vitamin C haircare applied topically to the hair and scalp too, and for good reason!

The skinification of hair (which refers to hero, scalp-friendly ingredients usually found in skin care, making their way into our hair care regimes and products) is one of beauty’s biggest trends. It’s not surprising, when Vitamin C is hugely important for the health of your hair and scalp. Its acidic nature means it can deeply cleanse, restore radiance and weightlessness, and revive lacklustre locks. Read on to discover why it’s the must-have ingredient missing from your hair care regimen.


Antioxidants play an important part in achieving a healthy, glossy mane, as they counteract the effects of harmful free radicals that can dull hair and weigh it down. Vitamin C, often listed as Ascorbic Acid in ingredients lists, is one of the most potent antioxidants around. It works by binding to free radicals to neutralise them and aids in the skin’s natural regeneration process.

As we get older, our natural antioxidant supply rapidly depletes, which is why it’s well worth topping up your store and incorporating Vitamin C-rich products into your hair care regime.


Your scalp provides the bedrock for optimal hair growth, so maintaining a healthy scalp environment is crucial to maintaining strong, healthy hair. The scalp is effectively an extension of the skin on our face, and this is why it can reap the very same antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C when applied topically.

This powerhouse ingredient works hard to protect the hair and scalp from impurities and free radicals, forming a shield against oxidative stress and the many internal and external aggressors we’re exposed to every day, for a healthier scalp environment. How? By using electrons to neutralise free radicals and deflect their damaging impact.

As well as free radicals — present in city pollution, cigarette smoke, central heating, product build-up, minerals, household cleaning products and hard water — Vitamin C can also help protect against the sun’s UV rays, which can help preserve your colour for longer.

Due to its purifying prowess, Vitamin C helps to cleanse the scalp and eliminate daily aggressors and product build-up that can leave locks looking dull and feeling heavy, to reveal beautifully soft, weightless, healthy strands.


The catch? It oxidises quickly. Vitamin C is extremely sensitive and unstable, and can degrade with exposure to light, oxygen, heat and water. This results in a decrease in potency and efficacy, sometimes before you’ve even applied it!

Oxidisation causes degradation of the molecule, reducing its benefits for the hair and skin. It retains its power and potency best when formulated as a waterless product, in innovative powder rather than liquid form. In powder form, and when stored inside a sealed sachet, the instability is reduced, making the vitamin far more potent, for better results.

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