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Moisture Extreme Enriching Conditioner

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Moisture Extreme Enriching Conditioner

    Nourishes natural tightly coiled curls and very porous hair
    Hair Texture
    Naturally Coiled Curls
    Natural tightly coiled, curly hair, as in many African-Caribbean hair types, is often fragile, making it very susceptible to damage. Our best hydrating conditioner uses a unique combination of nourishing oils to coat your strands and lock in moisture. Perfect for 4c curls and high porosity hair, our deep conditioner has detangling properties to help reduce breakage and deliver smooth, shiny hair. Moisture Extreme Enriching Conditioner is also suitable for extremely dry, damaged, or very processed hair.

    Our vegan-friendly, deep moisturising conditioner contains a combination of four naturally derived oils, which work together to deeply condition your hair. Almond Oil enhances shine and smoothness. Wheatgerm Oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. Avocado Oil strengthens and moisturises. Finally, Babassu leaves your hair soft, shiny and frizz-free.

    • Deep conditioner for curly, coiled and 4c hair that hydrates without adding weight
    • Nourishes and adds shine 
    • Formulated to suit the unique moisturising needs of dry, curly hair or damaged hair
    • Suitable for use on natural, relaxed or synthetic hair