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TRICHO COMPLEX Nutritional Supplement

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TRICHO COMPLEX Nutritional Supplement


    Hair nutrition formula

    Created with over 60 years of trichological expertise and inspired by a combination of hair vitamins and minerals prescribed on a daily basis at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics, Tricho Complex contains an exceptional mix of vitamins and minerals such as biotin which contribute to the maintenance of longer & stronger, healthy hair.

    You might have been experiencing slowing or poorer quality hair growth due to dieting, poor nutrition or stress-related vitamin defficiences. Tricho Complex hair growth tablets aim to tackle hair wellness from within by supplying all the minerals and micronutrients the body needs to support healthy new hair growth and reverse the signs of aging hair. After daily use you'll start to see signs of stronger and healthier hair after 12 weeks (due to the hair growth cycle) and we currently offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

    • "Best Hair Growth Vitamins" (Editor’s Choice) - Harper's Bazaar.
    • Hair nutrition formula to accellerate hair growth
    • Supplement tablets containing an exceptional mix of healthy hair-boosting vitamins and minerals including biotin
    • Thinning hair product inspired by a combination of vitamins and minerals prescribed on a daily basis at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • The Trichotherapy range of nutritional supplements support hair health from the inside out. Our nutritional supplements, uniquely developed by our expert trichologists, have been formulated to provide extra daily nutritional support to your hair. They can either be taken individually or together