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Soothing Weekly Scalp Mask

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Soothing Weekly Scalp Mask

    Calms and hydrates dry and stressed scalps.
    Hair Texture
    Coarse, Fine, Medium, Naturally Coiled Curls
    Soothing Weekly Scalp Mask is enriched with cooling Aloe Vera and Menthol, and moisturising Olive Oil to provide immediate and long-lasting comfort for dry and flaky scalps. Use our calming formula once or twice a week on dry or flaky scalps for itchy scalp relief. It also works to hydrate the scalp after exposure to the sun or cold weather conditions.

    Our Soothing Scalp Treatment is the ideal dry flaky scalp treatment for scalps that suffer from flaking, itching and excess sebum. Enriched with cooling Aloe Vera, Menthol and moisturising Olive Oil, our scalp mask will become an essential part of your scalp care routine.

    Aloe helps to condition the scalp via its soothing and calming properties. It can also reduce flaking and itching, and reduce sebum on the scalp. Menthol is included for its cooling and scalp-stimulating effects. Olive Oil is a natural moisturiser which can benefit flaking scalps.

    • Best dry scalp treatment for flaky & itchy scalps
    • Soothe and moisturises dry scalps
    • Designed by our expert Trichologists