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Stimulating Weekly Scalp Mask

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Stimulating Weekly Scalp Mask

    Energises the scalp to help encourage healthy hair growth.
    Hair Texture
    Coarse, Fine, Medium, Naturally Coiled Curls
    Stimulating Weekly Scalp Mask and treatment containing antioxidant rich Vitamin E, cooling Menthol and Camphor, and energising Caffeine to help revitalise the scalp. Use our invigorating scalp treatment weekly to encourage optimum hair growth, strengthening and health. Part of the Trichotherapy Range, this invigorating scalp treatment encourages optimum hair health.

    Our Stimulating Weekly Scalp mask is the ideal scalp treatment to boost growth, strengthen and thicken hair. Enriched with Vitamin E, Menthol, Camphor and Caffeine our Weekly Scalp Treatment contains the perfect fuse of ingredients to protect, re-invigorate your scalp and give your hair a whole new lease of life.

    Menthol is included to help cool and stimulate the scalp, whilst Calphor works to stimulate blood flow and reduce scalp irritation. Caffeine helps to increase blood circulation in the scalp, promoting the production of healthy hair follicles and hair growth. Whilst the other key ingredients are at work, Vitamin E creates a protective barrier on the scalp surface, helping to reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause damage to hair follicle cells. Combined together, our Stimulating scalp treatment will help revitalise the scalp and encourage hair growth.

    • Scalp treatment mask to boost hair growth
    • Strengthen and revitalise the scalp
    • Cool, stimulate and balance scalp