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Ingredient Focus: Vitamin C

Ingredient Focus: Vitamin C

It’s the vitamin you’ve probably known since you were little, the one that usually came in an orange-tasting tablet and kept colds away, but Vitamin C is so much more: it’s also key to scalp and hair health.

Vitamin C is the absolute cornerstone of a healthy immune system and although oranges taste lovely, it can be found in higher proportions in the likes of broccoli and red peppers (not so kid friendly, agreed, but our adult tastebuds love them!) Why is it so useful in supporting the immune system? It is vital in various processes including cell and tissue repair and it is antioxidant, which means it protects cells from scavenging free radicals and ultimately, from the ageing process. Free radicals increase when we’re exposed to things like environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, and UV rays so it’s quite difficult to avoid them completely. Vitamin C is a natural way to boost your antioxidant levels and what’s more, it’s involved in collagen production, which is found in all connective tissue throughout the body but is why Vitamin C is good for your skin too. In fact, deficiency often shows in dry, flaky skin and splitting hair as well as bruising, bleeding gums and taking longer for wounds to heal.

Because the body classes hair as dispensable – meaning that it is not vital to survival – if you are suffering from a deficiency, the body will direct your Vitamin C supplies to your vital organs first. The scalp and hair will be last on the list to receive nutrients so it’s really important to eat a varied and colourful diet as well as supplement during times when you know you may get run down such as in the winter. Iron can’t be absorbed without optimal levels of Vitamin C available in the body so be sure to take Vitamin C in parallel with iron supplements if you’re low on iron (or throw in some spinach with your berry smoothie). Vitamin C is water-soluble so remember to take it regularly as the body won’t retain reserves.

Our Tricho Complex Nutritional Supplement is a balanced multivitamin which was formulated by our Trichologists with hair health in mind. Containing all the vitamins and minerals you need to bolster all-round health and support your hair’s natural beauty, it’s the ideal supplement to see you through the winter and beyond.