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Straight hair 20ml



Identifying Hair Textures

At Philip Kingsley we challenge the prevailing standard of ‘dry’, ‘normal’ and ‘oily’ hair. We believe you should assess your hair by its size and shape

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Fine Hair

Fine hair is hair in which the diameter of each individual strand is fine. It does not refer to the actual number of hairs on your scalp.

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Medium Hair

If you have medium hair, it will feel thicker in texture than fine hair, both in the individual strands and in terms of the overall volume of hair on your scalp.

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Coarse Hair

If you have coarse hair, it will feel rough in texture and it may feel like you have a lot of it. Coarse hair can be straight, e.g. Asian hair, or curly or frizzy, naturally red hair.

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African-Caribbean Hair

African-Caribbean hair is the most vulnerable to damage of all hair textures due to its unique structure and specific processing, styling and grooming needs.

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The Hair Structure

Your hair is a fascinating structure, made up of different layers, chemical bonds and amino acids (proteins).

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Hair Biology & Bonds

Your hair is composed of keratin, a strong fibrous protein, and is built from cells similar to those of your skin.

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The Hair Growth Cycle

It’s very important to understand the hair growth cycle in order to recognize and understand many of the problems you can encounter with your hair.

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Fun Hair Facts

Hair is a remarkable tissue, having near super-power strength and incredible insulating properties! In honour of being voted a British Cool Brand for the 3rd year in a row, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest facts about hair – giving you even more reason to love your locks!  ...

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