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Philip Kingsley

International Women's Day Grant

This International Women’s Day, we would like to honour Philip Kingsley’s commitment to mentorship, by launching our first grant to support a female owned start-up business or blossoming idea.



The Philip Kingsley Group of Companies was founded by Philip Kingsley in 1968. Through his long career as a Trichologist and businessman, Philip mentored and supported many young people at the start of their careers; he believed everyone should pursue their dreams.

Following Philip’s passing in 2016, the company continues to be a family-owned business, led by three women; Anabel Kingsley, Brand President, Joan Kingsley, Chairman, and Katherine Kingsley, Director. The Kingsley family are passionate about encouraging and supporting women to accomplish their goals and dreams 

How to apply

International Women's Day Grant

If you have an existing business that requires a cash injection or need funding to get your idea off the ground, we’d love to consider supporting you with a £2,500 grant and mentorship programme to gain expert advice from industry professionals, as well as to connect with experienced founders. 

Your business or idea does not have to be directly related to hair care, but must be within the beauty, health or well-being space.

To apply, send the following information to

Full name, location, date of birth and contact details
Whether your business is existing or a new business idea
A pitch deck highlighting the purpose of your business
How you intend to spend the grant money

Entries close 31st March 2024


Your Questions

The Philip Kingsley grant program is designed to support female business owners with an equity-free cash injection of £2,500 (or US dollar equivalent) alongside mentorship from industry professionals and experienced founders.

No, it does not have to be based on hair care, but it does have to be within the beauty, health or well-being space, as that is where we can best lend our knowledge and expertise. 

Applicants must be women, aged 18 years or older. Applicants must live in the United Kingdom or United States. Existing businesses must have a revenue cap of £50,000 in net sales per year; and be self-funded with no venture capital or angel investment. 

You can submit your application by emailing the following details to

  • Your personal details, such as name, location, date of birth and contact details.
  • Whether you are an existing business or have a new business idea.
  • A pitch deck highlighting the purpose of your business or idea, what differentiates it within the marketplace amongst competitors, and a business plan that indicates how you intend to spend the grant money.  

Applicants can contact Please ensure the subject line includes “ITW Day Grant” 

The deadline for entering is 31st March 2024. 

You will receive a confirmation email to let you know your application has been submitted successfully. 

Unfortunately not, we can only accept one submission per person.  

  • A one-to-one call with Philip Kingsley’s Brand Owner Anabel Kingsley 
  • A one-to-one call with Philip Kingsley’s CEO Constantin Moebs

No, you will not be asked to repay this money. 


The only requirement is that the grant be used for legitimate business expenses outlined within the application.  


The winner will be announced by 30th June 2024.  

Unfortunately, not at this initial entry stage, but this may be requested should you be shortlisted  

Yes, we will not disclose any information about you or your business externally. The information provided will only be shared with the grant committee responsible for the selection process.  

Our grant committee includes our brand owners, CEO and members of our leadership team  

Terms and conditions: Businesses must be UK based and founded by a woman; be aged 18 or over; have a revenue cap of £50,000 in net sales per year and be self-funded (with no venture capital or angel investment).