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TRICHOTHERAPY® the ultimate regime for fine, thinning hair

An innovative 3 step daily regime for fine hair and reduced volume, that provides instant volume and root lift, maintains optimum hair and scalp health from the inside out and encourages healthy hair growth. TRICHOTHERAPY® is a unique, holistic approach to hair care that should form part of your daily hair and scalp regime. To help get the best from TRICHOTHERAPY®, it should be used in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.

TRICHO PRO, Volumizing Protein Spray

The hair density formula helps to reduce hair fall caused by breakage when combing. It Improves overall hair condition, is rich in primary anti-oxidants, and helps to moisturize and improve shine, fullness, cuticle integrity and strength.

Tricho Pro contains the following key ingredients:

  • Organic Quinoa Protein contains high levels of all 8 of the essential amino acids that help to repair damage, protect the cuticle, and condition the hair. Its unique molecular weight provides enhanced penetration, so the hair is left fully hydrated, strong, silky and shiny.
  • Oligoquat M has extensive moisture-binding properties and helps to retain moisture in the hair. Also helps to smooth and repair damaged cuticles leaving a brilliant, healthy shine on the hair
  • Green Tea extract provides a super anti-oxidant boost to diminish damaging free radicals
  • Hydrolyzed Elastin provides increased elasticity, strength, bounce and shine
  • Polymide-1 helps to provide volume and increased fullness, whilst smoothing the hair
  • Panthenol helps to detangle and moisturise whilst providing incredible gloss and shine

Directions: Apply to towel dried, clean hair. Spray through generously and then gently comb through, starting at the ends of your hair and working up to your roots. Use daily.

TRICHO COMPLEX, Hair Nutrition Formula

The daily scalp drops contain a combination of 7 unique trichologically selected ingredients that have taken 7 years to develop, research, test and perfect. It is rich in anti-oxidants, has soothing effects, protects against environmental degradation and immediately gives the appearance of more volume.

  • B6 works in harmony with Zinc Sulphate and Azelaic Acid to inhibit 5a reductase activity of converting testosterone to the more damaging DHT
  • Escalol protects hair from damaging UVB rays, which lead to degradation of the hair’s structure and helps keep hair smooth and easy to comb
  • Methyl Nicotinate is a ‘vaso dilator’ that enlarges the scalps blood capillaries to improve circulation and help extend the growing (anagen) phase; of the hair growth cycle
  • Piroctone Olamine is an extremely effective anti-flaking agent that removes flakes and can help reduce hair loss. Research has proven that flaky scalps cause more hair fall
  • Green Tea extract provides a super anti-oxidant boost to diminish damaging free radicals

Directions: Apply 2.5ml with the pipette, evenly across the crown and front area of the scalp and distribute with fingertips. Do not rinse. Use daily.

TRICHO COMPLEX, Hair Nutrition Formula

The food supplement contains an exceptional mix of vitamins and minerals including the essential amino acids L-Lysine and Methionine, and hair essential nutrients such as Iron, Vitamins D3, C & B12. The formula also contains Biotin and Selenium which contribute to the maintenance of normal, healthy hair and Copper which contributes to normal hair pigmentation. Inspired by a unique combination of vitamins and minerals that are prescribed on a daily basis by world-leading trichologists at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics in London and New York.

Directions: Take 2 tablets per day with food (ideally breakfast). After 4 months reduce to 1 tablet per day.

Each TRICHO COMPLEX tablet provides:

RDA Amount per tablet % RDA per tablet
BIOTIN 50µg 1000%
IRON 14mg 100%
L-LYSINE 97.5mg - *
COPPER 1mg 100%
ZINC 10mg 100%
SELENIUM 110µg 200%
VITAMIN C 80mg 100%
VITAMIN B12 6µg 200%

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