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Our Bond Builder Split End Remedy: A Trio of Cutting-Edge Ingredients - Blog

Our Bond Builder Split End Remedy:  A Trio of Cutting-Edge Ingredients

Split ends are extremely common, and extremely annoying. They are frustrating to tame, and they can ruin a hairstyle by making ends look wispy, frizzy and frayed. If that wasn’t reason enough to hate them, split ends can keep splitting up your hair shaft if left to their own devices, causing even more damage.

To help split-end sufferers, our Trichologists formulated Bond Builder Split End Remedy. Our brand-new, sell-out serum not only immediately seals split ends together, giving you that smooth, ‘fresh cut’ look, but it also works deep within the hair shaft, fortifying your hair’s bonds, to prevent split ends from occurring in the future.

Let’s dive into Split End Remedy’s amazing key ingredients and see how they work…

Gran-Repair Powerbond

(AKA the ‘Bond Builder’)

Gran Repair is the next generation in bond technology, strengthening your hair from within. It’s a particular saviour if you have bleached, colour-treated or straightened hair, since it re-enforces the keratin bonds that are commonly damaged during these chemical processes.  

Completely innovative in how it works, this clever polymer-complex protects all 3 bonds in your hair. It also repairs broken ones (including disulphide bonds, the strongest and hardest to fix!). This means fewer splits and breakage for the future.

Gran Repair also improves your hair’s comb-ability, which helps to shield strands from damage during brushing and styling.


(AKA Split End Super Glue)

Crodabond is a super-strong keratin sealant that instantly and effectively glues split ends together for as long as 3 washes. This prevents splits from moving further up the hair shaft, but also immediately gives your ends a blunt and healthy appearance.

Crodabond has also been specifically engineered to seal, strengthen and protect the hair cuticle (your hair’s outer protective layer), which is often lifted during colouring, bleaching and chemical straightening.

Murastyle XHV

(AKA Ultimate Heat Protector)

Murastyle provides cutting-edge heat protection, shielding strands to up to 220 degrees C – so you don’t have to worry about frazzling your ends during heat styling. As an added benefit, Murastyle offers soft hold, so your style stays put for longer.

And don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of the wonderful women in our blind user trials had to say:

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