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Health & Hair

You probably, at one time or another, have connected the behaviour of your hair with the way you feel. The state of your health, stress or worry, dieting, sleep patterns, pregnancies, menstrual cycle, long and short term illnesses, fevers, and very importantly, the drugs, vitamins and minerals your take to counteract them all, every one of these can affect your hair.


Hair is incredibly sensitive to internal changes. Your hair is the second fastest growing cell in your body, the fastest being your intestinal cells. However, unlike your intestines, hair is a non-essential tissue. Psychologically it is very important, but physically, you could easily survive without it. Your metabolism doesn’t prioritize your hairs needs, but instead aims to keep your essential tissues functioning first and foremost. This means your hair is usually the first to suffer from any bodily upset, and also the last to benefit from an improvement.

Health, Lifestyle & Hair Loss

Sudden hair fall, or hair not as thick as it was, often indicates an underlying metabolic problem, illness or psychological/emotional stress. These include:



Hair thinning or hair loss does not always coincide with the disturbance that causes it – as much as three months can pass before the effects of an illness or emotional trauma are noticeable in your hair. Examples of these are post partum hair loss, undergoing an operation, stress, mental anguish and extreme weight loss or dieting.


If you are experiencing excessive hair shedding, look back for possible triggers. It’s important to do this, as hair loss problems are often dismissed by doctors as ‘genetic’, when this may not be the case at all. If hair loss goes on for longer than a few weeks, we suggest you make an appointment to see a Trichologist.


To treat hair loss caused by nutritional deficiencies it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet. To boost growth you can take nutritional supplements designed specifically for the hair such as PK4 Soya Protein and Tricho Complex Vitamin & Mineral Supplement (we advise you to consult your doctor before taking nutritional supplements). To help counteract the disruption caused to the hair cycle and any shedding that has occurred, we recommend using the TRICHOTHERAPY® Regime for 12 weeks. The results from regular usage have been outstanding and in blind user trials 79% of women found their hair looked and felt thicker and fuller after 12 weeks.

If you're suffering from hair loss, our clinics based in London and New York specialise in hair and scalp treatments.