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Summer Solutions

Protect and enhance your hair for perfect, summer-ready tresses

The sun can be just as damaging to hair as bleach can, as UV rays oxidise the hair in a similar way to bleach, weakening its protein structure and decreasing elasticity. This leaves hair dry, rough in texture, and prone to breakage. Therefore, protection is key if you want to grow or keep your hair long. If strands become damaged during summer, it is likely you will need a great deal trimmed off come September. However, with protection, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Developed with over 60 years of experience in hair and scalp health, the New Summer Solutions range delivers effortless summer styling whilst also guarding against UV, salt and chlorinated water damage. Parched, salt damaged tresses no more! Say hello to the sunshine with healthy, perfectly textured and tousled beach-bombshell hair.


  • Instant Beach – Salt-Free Texturizing Beach Spray

    Effortlessly cool beachy, tousled waves can be achieved without salt sprays that can leave hair dry and crisp. This salt-free texturizing spray provides volume, flexible texture as well as heat protection for the hair. The innovative, conditioning formula features Elastin and Meadowfoam Oil to create soft, bouncy, beach waves without drying out the hair and causing breakage.

  • Sun Shield – Invisible Sun Protection Mist

    Hair can burn just like skin when it is unprotected. Protect and guard your hair against UV rays and colour fade from sun exposure with Sun Shield. This lightweight, nourishing mist smoothes the hair’s outer cuticle, adding shine and offering prevention from the formation of split ends and breakage.

  • Swimcap – Protective Cream

    Originally created for the US Olympic synchronized swim team, our newly repackaged Swimcap is a favourite amongst professional swimmers. The cult classic cream is water resistant, and guards against chlorine, saltwater and UV damage, all while deeply hydrating and conditioning the hair. Swimcap is the perfect summer companion to extend the life of colour treated hair.

  • After-Sun Scalp Mask – Hydrating Scalp Treatment

    This scalp mask contains two highly effective and natural soothing agents, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract. After-Sun Scalp Mask soothes an irritated and sunburnt scalp whilst also conditioning and hydrating the scalp. It is also ideal for dry scalps and suitable for sensitive skin, so it can be used all year round to keep the scalp healthy and hydrated.

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